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Andrew C. Mitton

Andrew C. Mitton

I’ve practiced law in Alaska for over 17 years. I’ve worked in law firms and as in-house counsel for large corporations. I started Vellum LLC in 2011. Why start a new company? Because there’s a much better way to provide legal services to Alaska’s small businesses and nobody else was doing it. So I redesigned the law firm from the ground up so that small businesses like yours can have a legal department like the big guys.

I've negotiated and drafted thousands of contracts, managed many business acquisitions, managed the corporate records for over sixty companies, designed and developed a compliance and ethics program covering over 1500 employees, argued a matter in front of the Alaska Supreme Court, and taught myself web design.

I attended Brigham Young University for my undergraduate degree and attended the University of North Dakota for my law degree.

I believe that every­one has a call­ing in life. It takes a lot of hard work, prayer, and search­ing to find that call­ing. When you do find that call­ing, your life changes. I’m here to help small busi­ness own­ers ful­fill their calling.

I heard some­one once say that they look for peo­ple who have the heart of a teacher rather than the heart of a sales­per­son. A teacher serves; whereas a sales­man makes sales. The teacher focuses on the cus­tomer. The sales­man focuses on the sale. My aim is to teach small busi­ness own­ers about the law, legal risks and their options.

I’m a big fan of Alaska. I’ve lived here for over 17 years. My wife was born here. Her grand­par­ents moved here in 1949. I think it’s the great­est place in the world to raise a fam­ily. I want to do my part for Alaska. I’ve con­cluded that the best way to do this is to help Alaska’s local small busi­nesses and their own­ers achieve their call­ing in life.

I believe in self-reliance. I believe that our nation was built on the prin­ci­pal of self-reliance. The small busi­ness owner is the epit­ome of self-reliance. Small busi­ness are built by peo­ple who know the value of hard work, risk, and rewards. Some of my favorite peo­ple are small busi­ness owners.

I’ve always felt that the legal indus­try has done a huge dis­ser­vice to its clients by ignor­ing design. I asked myself: why are legal forms, con­tracts, and legal briefs so dif­fi­cult to under­stand? Why do lawyers just use text? Couldn’t they include videos, info­graph­ics, and graphic design into the doc­u­ments they pro­duce and the laws they write? There must be a bet­ter way to con­vey dif­fi­cult legal con­cepts to non-lawyers?

I study fonts, color the­ory, type­set­ting, writ­ing, pho­tog­ra­phy, lay­out, etc. to find answers to these ques­tions. I’m imple­ment­ing my con­clu­sions into Vellum.

I don’t know why, but lawyers always seem to be the last group to adopt new tech­nolo­gies. Many lawyers adhere to their old ways at the cost of ef­fi­ciency. The client often pays for these inef­fi­cien­cies. I’m at the other end of the spec­trum. I love new tech­nol­ogy. I keep up with it and adopt it into my practice. For exam­ple, Vel­lum is paper­less. This way I don’t have to main­tain files, my clients can eas­ily access their infor­ma­tion, and I can quickly find what I’m look­ing for. Vel­lum is also devel­op­ing web appli­ca­tions to stream­line legal processes. Vel­lum will always be at the cut­ting edge of innovation.

Some­one once asked me to iden­tify the most impor­tant qual­ity of a leader. I said: humil­ity. I’ve worked with many lead­ers, includ­ing CEOs of large cor­po­ra­tions. The least effec­tive lead­ers are those who feel that they must con­trol things. The most effec­tive lead­ers are those who allow the human spirit to thrive and build trust within those whom they lead. I try to imple­ment this qual­ity in the way I nego­ti­ate, the way I draft legal forms, and the way I prac­tice law. This isn’t a mat­ter of weak­ness. I find that those who are most hum­ble are the strongest.


Kristian Pettyjohn

I have hired Vellum's inside-out legal services for two of my companies and have never been let down.  Andrew's attention to detail, timely communication and expert knowledge in Alaska business law has given my small businesses the legal support I want and need for a price that is within my budget!  Nothing but praise!

Kristian Pettyjohn | PhotoUp LLC

McCarthy Ventures, LLC

McCarthy Ventures LLC has been using Vellum as our Legal Department for several years now.  We own and operate several hospitality businesses including 2 liquor licenses and 34 staff.  The need for expert legal advice is critical for our operations. Having a legal department means having one source for all our legal questions and advice. We can count on contracts, questions, advice and resolutions - basically everything short of litigation - to be handled for one flat rate.

Neil Darish | McCarthy Lodge

Billy St. Pierre

"I've really enjoyed using Vellum LLC's Inside-Out Legal Services. It eliminates the need to manage one more thing during my busy day- tracking the amount of time my lawyer spends on projects- and there aren't any surprise bills at the end of the month. Yet I'm still getting competent and thorough insight and explanations month by month on varying small business concerns like payroll, employee management, and optimal company structure. It's been a fantastic experience so far!"

Billy St. Pierre | Pita Pit

Joe Law

I have worked with Andrew for quite a few years and have grown to appreciate his approach both to life and business. I am thankful to have Vellum, LLC in Sundog Media’s corner and for the thoughtful counsel I have received over the years. As an Alaskan company I feel I can count on Vellum’s knowledge and legal expertise to guide us as we strive to build a company that is above reproach.

Joe Law | Sundog Media

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