My first experience as a law student was the law library. I walked into it and saw one whole floor of books full of laws, cases, and regulations. I was overwhelmed. Then I found out there were four more floors of books and thought to myself, “that’s ridiculous.”

And so it is with the law. There is much that is ridiculous, including those big legal posters hanging in the break room. Nobody reads them. Including those quick-talk-disclaimers at the end of radio ads. Nobody listens to them. But it’s the law and we just have to live with it or change it.

So the answer is yes, you have to post those legal notices as soon as you have one employee or face possible fines. The posters must be current and posted at each location where an employee works. And they must be legible. The state of Alaska posts a list of required employment related posters. There’s also plenty of companies that you can find online who sell the posters.